LAILA KISS plates – handmade

We are selling these unique plates made especially for Laila. They have served as dessert plates in our fine dining restaurant and are in very good condition. The plates have a glossy glaze finish on which there are sculpted lips.

  • Price per plate 39€
  • Per per set of 2 plates 69€

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Additional information

Made by @elenevernijns from @elenevernijns.ceramics

Designed for @laila_antwerp

How were these made?

Using a plaster mold, Elene made an impression of her lips. Then she molded clay into that mold until it nicely took the shape of her lips. She then attached this clay individually to each plate.

Everything is handmade so even the plates are self-made. This was made with the same principle as the lips. Elene designed the plate herself and based on a plaster mold she was able to recreate this plate 50 times. When everything was dry (takes about a week) they were put in the oven for the first time, after which they were glazed and baked again in an even hotter oven.

The plates were made with clay and baked to stoneware. Because they were baked at such a high temperature they are very solid and can even go into the dishwasher.