Tahin Sauce



Smoked allmonds

Grilled baby cucumber

Balagan means a 'cozy mess' in Hebrew

So first things first…
Make it cozy!

  • Heat the oven at 180°
  • Mix the salad fattoush with the Lebanese bread crackers just before serving
  • Place the largest tray with the orzo in the oven for 15 minutes
  • In the meantime, place the borekas in the oven for 6 minutes so that they are quite hot
  • At the end, put the pita bread and flatbread in the oven for a few more minutes so they are nicely warm and crispy
  • Pop open all the little pots and “mess up your table”

PS. every oven is slightly different… just serve it hot!

Beteavon !

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ps. All our food packaging is sustainable


Hummus with roasted mushrooms & caramelized onion

Grilled baby cucumber

Grilled baby cucumber with labneh and feta


orzo is a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice.

We serve it with spinach and a yoghurt-mint sauce. the spicy combination of the pasta with the freshness of the yoghurt sauce is a match made in heaven.

za’atar flatbread and Israeli pita breads

our signature za’atar flatbread and Israeli pita breads


Tabbouleh with blood orange

Fattoush salad

Fattoush salad

Middle eastern cheesecake

Middle eastern cheesecake with knafeh and pistachio nuts.

This dessert is completely vegan. It’s made of a combination of dades, pecan nuts and coconut milk. Finished with sweet kataifi.

Cheesy borekas

Cheesy borekas with egg & spicy tomato.

Traditionally borekas in Israel are served with some garnish. The idea is to break the boreka in 2 with your fingers and fill it with some tomato compote and cooked egg.


Moutabal is a popular dip made from eggplant and tahini topped with pomegranate and herbs.